Meet The Coulter Team

Meet the Coulter Team

The Coulter family helped shape the quality of life in Phoenix, Arizona, and the Coulter brand defines the essence of true quality service. How does an organization build and maintain a standard of excellence for nearly 100 years? They start by attracting, training and promoting the best automotive specialists in the field. They provide an environment where employees feel valued and proud that each has his or her unique role to play in maintaining the company's tradition of exceptional service.

Leadership doesn't happen in a vacuum. At Coulter Automotive Group, more than 500 employees work in concert toward a common goal: to convert prospects into Coulter customers for life. The Coulter management team is encouraged to lead by example, creating an atmosphere where satisfied employees look forward to coming to work, and enjoy personal satisfaction from their customer interactions.

Employee Satisfaction is the Cornerstone of the Coulter Experience

And it has proven to be a very successful business strategy. Few Arizona dealerships can boast the numbers of employees who have worked for a single employer for the majority of their careers. Denny Yates, Parts Manager at the Coulter Motor Company in Tempe has been with Coulter for 34 years. "I feel grateful to work for a company that trusts and takes such good care of its employees that we want to pass those same feelings on to our customers. No department is under pressure to meet arbitrary sales or service quotas. Our managers constantly challenge us with 'What can we do better' to serve our customers, and encourage all departments across the agency to look for little ways to improve the Coulter Experience."

Crystal Zenko at Coulter Infiniti describes the Coulter Experience from another point of view. "I have never worked for a dealership that was so respectful of the role each person plays in the success of the overall agency. Shortly after I joined the company, Mr. Coulter hosted an appreciation dinner for the clerical support staff that manage the accounting and finance side of the business. We got a rare opportunity to network with our counterparts across the dealerships, and I was surprised and pleased that Mr. Coulter knew us by name. It is a real incentive to do your best work when you don't feel like you are on the edge of your seat hoping you don't make a mistake. This organization makes the best use of the best people in the business."

Creating Coulter Customers for Life is a Long-Term Strategy

Brian Pearce at Coulter Nissan relates the Coulter Experience from the sales perspective. "I love to have a new customer walk in who is all geared up to fight through the typical "hot box" car-buying routine. As Coulter sales staff, we are empowered to take a potential customer through the whole process of matching their "needs" and their "wants" to an automobile that fits both their dreams and their budget. I love the feeling that I am supported in doing the kind of job that makes me proud to be car sales professional. At the end of a busy day it feels good to see someone who was defensive and afraid of being taken advantage of when he came through our door start to relax and really enjoy buying their new vehicle. The real benefit of the Coulter sales philosophy is that it enables us to win over customers who trust us enough to refer their friends and family."

Ruth Girardi, Executive Assistant to Bill Coulter for more than 30 years, sums up the Coulter Automotive Group's successful business strategy. "Our management believes that employees who feel cared for take the best care of our customers. We have some of the most comprehensive benefits in the industry, and make a significant financial commitment to ensure that our employees feel like the company is providing for their needs. We want our employees to be able to concentrate on our customer's needs because they feel that their employer 'has their back.' Management also believes that people who are treated respectfully act respectfully toward others. We feel listened to, and are encouraged to be creative problem-solvers who go to great lengths to fulfill our promises to our customers. It's rewarding to feel such pride and satisfaction about coming to work."

Creating the Coulter Experience is more than the product of a dedicated team working toward a single goal: it is the essence of almost a century of the Coulter Automotive Group's success.

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